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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Does Bowen come from the tribes of the
Australian Aborigines?


No. Tom Bowen originated and developed this system of whole body healing on his own through his given talents and abilities and through a few books that he found useful.


Q - What are the primary objectives of Bowen? 

Although the specific objectives vary greatly from one individual treatment to the next, the primary objectives are to:

  • Stimulate and activate the body’s healing mechanisms to help the body to remember how to heal


  • Eliminate pain


  • Put the entire body and mind at rest – “letting go” – so it can use its energies and resources to heal itself


  • Reduce or eliminate the high state of the "fight or flight response”


  • Engage the body to restore itself back into its own perfect pattern of optimal health


  • Return the body back to balance


  • Greatly accelerate healing


  • Reintegrate the communication systems between the body and the brain that has been broken down for some reason so the body can have clearer communication within itself


Most healthcare professionals have neither heard of Bowen nor have they yet received personal treatment or know of someone that has received treatment.  Why doesn't my doctor know about Bowen and what it does to help the body to heal itself?




Q - If this works so phenomenally well, why don’t doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals recommend or prescribe the Bowen system of healing as a regular course of accelerated recovery or treatment? 


  • Bowen is uncommon to mainstream medical reasoning – Although it is abstract, it is also very logical.

  • Because of its relative newness to the world, most Bowen practitioners have a private practice out of their home and it is not yet mainstream.


  • Only about 1% of all physicians include or offer natural or alternative treatments in their medical practice.

  • Most doctors are taught to primarily use drugs and surgery by medical schools. Most medical schools are not familiar with any natural healthcare or alternative treatments and do not promote any treatment that isn’t mainstream. This mindset can linger for a doctor’s entire career.


  • The majority of doctors have very busy practices. They don’t have the time to even keep up with the developments in their own respective fields let alone new developments in
    the natural and alternative fields.


  • Modern medicine is a business where “time is money.” The average doctor now spends about 7 minutes with each patient, which is not nearly enough time to deeply and thoroughly assess and almost instantly and correctly diagnose a condition, in most
    cases. Sad, although it’s true.


  • Doctors and other health care professionals work for HMO’s and/or insurance companies. They receive a list of treatments that will be covered and paid for and any therapy that is
    not on the list generally will not be recommended.


  • Most medical doctors are in a very conservative group; they usually “go by the book.” Doctors fear malpractice suits if they deviate from normal and standard treatments or
    procedures. For this reason they commonly refer to and/or prescribe what is familiar to them. This may only be in their best interest and not in the best interest of the patient in every case.


  • There is strong pressure against anything that is unconventional. Physicians who favor
    natural or alternative treatment run the risk of investigation and censure by medical
    review boards. The threat of losing their licenses keeps them in line. Very often peer pressure and the fear of ridicule from other doctors really discourages them from trying or doing anything outside of conventional medicine. The same goes for many other healthcare professionals who have been trained in medicine in many cases.

Q - How safe is Bowen, really?

In his prime, Tom Bowen treated nearly 13,000 patients per year without incident. Since then, thousands of other Bowen practitioners have safely performed hundreds of thousands of Bowen sessions supporting Tom Bowen’s claim of its safe use on anyone regardless of age or physical condition.   The extremely fit to the sedentary or debilitated can very safely receive Bowen sessions. When performed properly, this non-invasive approach is very safe and so gentle in its application that it is for use on anyone with any stage of health, ailment, or illness without the possibility of harm. Because of its gentle application and it works with the body and its healing processes in such a harmonious and mild manner, there is simply no possibility of harm when Bowen is performed in accordance with Bowen Healing System standards that are taught.

Q - Does Bowen have any negative affects on the body?

 There have been no reported cases of Bowen affecting the body in any kind of “negative” way, when Bowen is performed in accordance with Bowen Healing System standards that are taught.

Occasionally, although temporary, residual soreness from toxin releases in the body can occur as structural alignment and system and overall body rebalancing begins. In cases that have had a long duration or the weakening of an area in the body, the changes that are instilled in the body from Bowen may show temporary signs of discomfort from the of a "rusty" or under-used area from using a muscle or set of muscles that currently lacks strength and stamina.


Occasionally, a person who has received treatment may experience "flu type" symptoms as the body is detoxifying itself.  Remember, the body is doing what IT knows it needs to do to heal itself.


Q - Do I still need to take my medications while I am receiving Bowen sessions and what does it do for the medication I am now taking?

Bowen works to assist the body to heal and therefore can enhance medication results in some cases. There are no known no negative interactions with medications. The long-term benefits that have been seen is that many people are able to reduce or eliminate the need for medication as a result of receiving Bowen treatments. Bowen practitioners NEVER suggest that anyone refrain from taking medication, unless they are an M.D. themself. 


Refraining from taking prescribed medication is between the person and their pharmacist and doctor.

Q – What makes Bowen so different compared to chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, or any other kind of work that is performed on the body?


Bowen is distinguished in its own category because of its gentleness, rapid effectiveness, low cost, and its ability to bring permanent relief using only a very short number of sessions in nearly EVERY case. Also, the work is performed with the client lying on a comfortable, fully clothed, no oil is used, and they are encouraged to let go of life for a while and just relax.


The biggest difference is that after receiving a Bowen treatment, the body will continue to heal and change for the next 3-5 days or so as though the body received a treatment everyday AND each treatment builds and compounds upon the last one.  Somehow the body remembers the Bowen it has received.  AND in most cases, only a few treatments are needed!

Q - What can I expect after a Bowen session? 

Everyone expereinces something different. After a session some people feel energized like they haven’t been in a LONG time, others feel a little lethargic or tired – the body’s way of telling you to take it easy and to go take a nap. Honor whatever your body is “telling” you to do.


Others feel calm and balanced, others relieved and stress free and
peaceful. Remember, your body is going to heal what IT knows is most important, first. Some even feel so different they say that it feels like they are walking in someone else’s body.


On rare occasions, people may momentarily feel a bit out of balance. For any of these we say, “GREAT, IT’S WORKING!” These displays are wonderful signs that show that your body is responding to Bowen.

On rare occasion, some people experience “new areas” of tenderness,
soreness, discomfort or even some level of pain in their body for a few days after a session. This too is GREAT! Muscles you haven’t used for a long time didn’t have a chance to go to the gym and work out for 8-12 weeks to get back into shape. They had to immediately start working after having been laid-off or not fully working for some time. When muscle compensations and poor postural or movement practices in the body begin to improve, some muscles and joints will have to work a little harder, whether they want to or not, as they recapture their correct function.


Your body may also be re-tracing backwards through old injuries and traumas for some time as the body works its way back into balance. Your entire body is also releasing toxins and built-up waste products.
It is really cleaning house! Muscles that have been held in contraction for some time do build up waste products and lactic acid. Bowen may have shaken your body up a bit to begin moving it out of the body into the bloodstream so you may experience feelings of having worked out or even those that feel like you have run a marathon. Drink more water and go on a walk.

Nearly everyone will feel some elimination of their pain or symptoms
immediately following a session.
This is very common and happens in just about every case after a session.


It is important to understand that Bowen is quite different in its approach in helping the body to fix itself and that all symptoms or pains may not “go away” after the first few sessions. It has taken years to get to the point where your body is and it may take some time to get it right again. Remember, we are peeling off the layers of bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, stresses, surgery, accidents, etc...not necessarily trying to take off huge chunks. It takes a bit of time, in most cases, to affect the deeper levels of the body. Concern your self with the progress that
is happening and focus on the key that something good is happening.


If and when your body begins to detoxify or unwind, celebrate the fact that something is happening. Understand that your body may continue to change for 3-5 days after the session. Each day you body will often make significant physiological (structural), mental and emotional changes as it releases years or even decades of trauma and stress and the body’s relationship to these factors of the past.  

Some people feel they are slipping backwards a few days after their treatment.

On rare occasions, old traumas or injuries that have a long established pattern in the body can momentarily flare up.  The body has held the pattern for some time and the old pattern is still the familiar –status quo- one it can first readily relate to. It also shows that Bowen did do something and that Bowen and and will work for you. Keep going, you are doing just fine!

Some people experience large evacuations of the bowel and urinary tract. What is happening there?

Once again, GREAT, it's working.  Occasionally people do experience huge releases from their digestive tract. The body has held tension, stress and trauma
in the stomach, small and large intestines and the body has held onto
fluids. Bowen gave the systems a signal
to relax and “let go” and that is what it is doing. You may have to take many trips to the toilet
for a couple of hours. Wonderful.

Q - What can Bowen “cure”?

In strictly a medical sense, Bowen must not be considered to 'cure' anything, doctors "think" only they can do that.  The truth is, that only the BODY can do the curing.  We just set the stage so the body CAN heal if it is able. With Bowen, the body is only given direct signals as information to engage the stimulation and activation of its own self-healing and self- balancing mechanisms trusting that the wisdom of the body will resolve whatever condition may exist.

It rarely fails us.

Q – Will Bowen work to help long-term chronic problem that has been there for decades?


Bowen will assist the body to restore its natural healthy balance even with a chronic problem. Chronic problems can respond more slowly, in some cases, as the body works to change a long-held and very familiar unhealthy pattern into a new vibrant and healthy one.


Q - How soon could I expect to feel some relief or elimination of pain, tension or stress?

Instantaneous relief is common, sometimes within just the first few minutes of a treament substantial changes can be felt by the person! In most cases, some level of relief occurs during or within a few short hours after a session. Results can come within the first week after the session. Again, 3-5 sessions spaced about a week apart are sufficient for most issues. These few visits are still a fraction of the number of visits that people do while undergoing many other forms of care, and in the end there is a huge saving of both time and money.

Bowen has a long and successful track record helping people with an incredibly vast assortment of problems and conditions.


Q - Can Bowen help you?

Only by receivng a series of sessions can you really know. Be assured that you will know in a relatively short time whether it is helping you as results speak for themselves.


Q - How long will it take for me to get better and how many sessions will it take?

If anyone could predict that...well, now THAT would be amazing.  Because of the billions of possibilities that factor in and exist between humans and their ailments, it would be irresponsible to give a definite answer.

In many seemingly difficult cases that mirror each other very precisely, some took only 2-3 sessions, and some others 10 sessions. Generally, using most other natural or alternative methods it takes one month or treatment for every year that you have had the condition for the treatment to do any good at all. In nearly every case, Bowen works MUCH faster than this, usually only 3-5 sessions, generally 7 days apart, (in very rare cases more frequent sessions have been found to be very useful) will be all that is necessary to bring the body back into balance for most people.  With Bowen it is very common for people to heal in about 35% of the time it would normally take, especially after a surgery or major trauma.


Again, most conditions respond very rapidly to 3-5 sessions.

A more serious or chronic condition may take several sessions to begin seeing results and even longer to help the problem resolve. Some conditions are so long-term, extreme and complicated by age or other factors that a complete recovery will not happen. In these very rare cases, ongoing treatment at regularly scheduled intervals is the what is needed.


Q - So what can I do to play a part in telling my doctor or therapist that I believe that I found what I need to help me in my case?

Find a competent and very experienced Bowen Practitioner in your area or state and go to them and receive a series of treatments and then tell your doctor and/or therapist about the results. In nearly every case, they will see the rapid results and will be very curious to know what you have been doing. Better yet, invite your doctor and/ or therapist to go receive a couple of Bowen session so they can personally check it out for themselves...AND get them a copy of the book "Awaken the Doctor Within!" by Dr. Raymond Augustyniak, Ph.D.


Q – Is Bowen being used in hospitals and medical clinics?


Bowen is beginning to be recognized and used in a few hospitals and clinics in the U.S., and more widely used and accepted in Australia, Canada, and the U.K., in various countries throughout Europe and around the world.  A hospital in North Carolina uses Bowen as a centerpiece for its multi-disciplinary treatment program.



Q - Will my insurance pay for Bowen treatments?


In cases where a doctor writes a presciption for Bowen, most insurance companies do pay. In cases where a doctor hasn’t prescribed treatment some insurance companies will pay for treatment, most will not – yet.

Q - Why doesn't insurance companies know about
Bowen? From what you are saying, it could save them many  millions of dollars every year.

There are two factors. One, substantial research hasn’t been performed to “prove” all that Bowen can do to convince them they can save loads of money; and two, the quantity of highly skilled Bowen Practitioners are few at the moment. We are working on both of these at this time.


Q - What is the cost for a Bowen treatment?

There is no standard or set price for sessions.  Practitioners charge individually and set their own prices. Therefore session prices vary from $45 – $200 persession. $50 - $120 per session is most common. There are many factors that come in to play, location, region of the country, licensure requirements, among others. The current cost of a  Bowen session at our Center is $80 for those 18 and over, $55 for ages 11-17, $30 for ages 5-10 and for the little ones under 5, donations are accepted. 


Q – Why does Bowen work so effectively and succeed  where other therapies or approaches don’t or cannot even touch it?     

Bowen is so highly effecive for the body because opens the healing processes of the body and focuses them on what needs to be healed exactly where it is needed to facilitate speedy recovery to help the body eliminate pain, restore health, and recover lost function through regeneration.


Q - How does Bowen know where to work in the body?


Actually, Bowen doesn't know where to work. Only the body does, however, the Releases and Activations performed on the body in their particular sequences, assist the body in awakening from its state of slumber or stupor and brings its attention to problems and alerts the body to the areas of highest priority so it can quickly and most efficiently focus its resources to get to work healing itself.



Q - Why hasn't my body healed using therapies other than Bowen?

In most cases using other therapies, your body's pain, dysfunction, stress or tension cycle was just interrupted for a moment using the other treatment(s) and not truly eliminated.  In other words, your healing cycles have not been correctly stimulated or turned back on. Remember the trauma, injury, overuse, stress or pain you have suffered from has, in its own way, “disconnected” your body from its healing and recovery functions causing an ongoing imbalance in the body.

Q- Why are so few "touches" used and so little work performed on the body during a Bowen session?

Bowen uses a “less is more” apprapproach to healing the body. It is primarily because of the precision used in the application and location of each and every "Activation". Bowen is more like a laser that goes directly to the point and part of the body that needs addressing, wherever it is coming from, no more, no less.   In other words, Bowen gets the greatest amount of work from each and every individual "Activation".


Q - Why does Bowen use such little pressure, in most cases, when the "Activations" are applied to the body?

Bowen uses such light pressure because it follows a very specific physiologic law of the body, the Arndt-Schulze law, that states the body responds more profoundly and positively to a low level stimulus than it does to a strong painful stimulus. Less really is more in the case of Bowen. It uses the least amount of work in search of achieving the greatest effect approach. i.e. you can use a twenty pound sledgehammer to turn on light switches in your home if you want to, but it’s not necessary!


Also, the art of Bowen is for the Practitioner to apply enough pressure to address the body physically AND at the same time to apply the pressure light enough to address the body energetically at the same time!


Q - Do all Bowen Practitioners work in the same way?

Bowen Practitioners who have been fully trained using  quality standards are taught to use great care and light touch to perform Bowen Activations. They have also been taught to use specific protocols to insure the most effective Bowen is performed an every person.   


Bowen practitioners who have been taught by some sources other do not have or follow such standards or requirements. Many of these practitioners use much more pressure and perform much more work on the body than is needed resulting in a much less effective session.  Sometimes they will do things that are NOT what they have been originally trained to do and they will use harder pressure than they have been taught and also change sequencing and the waiting times between Activations and Releases  may not exist at all.  They may also mix different kinds of bodywork modailties of treatments together which takes away from the Bowen.


Q- What happened, it worked for a while.


Great! The initial fact that it worked for a while means that your body responded and can heal using Bowen. There can be several reasons why the change or relief was temporary. The body may need a few reminders on how to reset itself and get back on the path to optimal health. KEEP GOING! The effects of a Bowen session begin during the session and continue working for 3-5 days or so after the session. Many of the greatest benefits experienced a few days after the session.

Q – Did anything really happen? I went to one session and I
didn’t feel much and I don’t think Bowen did anything for me. What do you have to say for that?

One session simply will not do it for most people. Receive at least 3-5 sessions for mild to moderate cases. For severe to extreme cases receive at least 5-8 sessions. We have seen cases where it took 6-8 sessions with not much happening then all of a sudden – BOOM – everything changed and the person shot back to good health almost instantly. Sometimes it takes patience for Bowen to set in. The
bamboo tree seed is planted. It is fertilized and watered painstakingly for 5 years and not even one sign of a sprout. In the fifth year, as soon as
you begin to see a sprout, it shoots up to 90 feet tall in SIX WEEKS! That is over 25 inches per day!   Over 1 inch per hour! You can practically see it grow in front of your eyes!!! The tree had to first lay its foundational roots. Sometimes the body needs to do that as well.

In most cases that there was seemingly no result, most people didn’t follow the directions and did things they shouldn’t have or they didn’t do what they were asked to do (drink lots of water,[for those who
medically are able to] go on a daily 20 minute walk, refrain from coffee and alcohol etc.). Also, humans have a wonderful ability to forget how bad something was once it’s a little better.

In the extremely rare case that nothing did happen, and there has been no change whatsoever and your Bowen practitioner has done all they could do for you, Bowen may not be right for you. The bottom line
is that it simply does not work for everyone. The reason(s) why? We haven’t found that out yet.

Q – I had some good results, but it seemed to stop working.

First question, what are you doing or have you done to mess it up?

I’ve had cases where people moved along great and then all of a sudden their progress stopped. In nearly every case, the person did something, like starting to exercise, like a maniac; or they have had back problems for year and “Oh, I moved everything in my house and garage last weekend, put in the garden AND pruned the trees and did the  ayrdwork”; or “ I have been running for a couple of months now, so I ran the marathon last weekend” or “I felt so good that my wife and I hiked up to the top of Mount Whitney (some 14,000 + feet) We haven’t hiked in years since I got hurt, so we decided to go again.” HELLO… you can’t do this to your bodies folks and expect it to not hurt again! Or their ergonomics at the desk at work is not good, for example. This is usually the case.

At this point you really have to take responsibility for yourself. Your
practitioner may have strong recommendations as to what you can do and could expect from further sessions. If you feel at this point that you are moving in the right direction and this is something you want to pursue, the choice is up to you.

Q – I’ve been going to Bowen for a while and don’t know what I need to do or if I should continue.

If this is the case, communicate this with your practitioner and discuss what your next step or steps should be. Generally, a few sessions, the intervals between sessions should be stretching out, for example, from seven to ten to fourteen then to eighteen, twenty-one, twenty-four, twenty-eight days in between sessions.  After this you should come in when your body “tells” you. Feel free to discuss any of
this with your practitioner. You can discuss a further number of sessions or take it on a week-to-week basis, which ever you prefer.


Q – I have gone for my 5 sessions and I feel great! What should I do from here?

Great! Success again!!! We have your body back on track. From here you may discuss future sessions for preventive maintenance. It will always depend upon what your body needs. It’s different for everyone. You decide what works for you and what interval suits your schedule, stress levels, finances, etc.  In traditional Chinese medicine, and in many other healing traditions in native cultures around the world, the minimum recommended maintenance for the body is at change of each season or four times per year.

Q – Will my problem return?


The problem may return in cases where muscle weakness and stamina are not addressed and where re-injury has occurred.

In all instances where client supports their recovery process with appropriate exercise and activity for their ability coupled with good nutrition and does their best to refrain from activities that will cause re-injury, the likelihood of the problem returning is very low.

 Q – Can Bowen work with other forms of therapy or treatment?

Bowen is best used alone as a stand-alone treatment. There are ways to properly sequence Bowen with sufficient time allowed for Bowen to take effect while other treatments are received. Bowen
works best alone.

Bowen can be effective with Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, or Rolfing, on very rare occasions,
although they DO NOT MIX WELL. What happens if any of these therapies are applied too soon before or after a Bowen session it can dampen or even erase the ongoing effects of Bowen.

Q - I was told by doctors and specialists that they cannot find anything wrong and that I will just have to learn to live with the pain, can Bowen help?

In most cases, ABSOLUTELY!!!  We often tell people the impossible Bowen can do, the miraculous takes a little
longer – sometimes.  
In other words and in most cases a definite and
resounding YES!  Many tens of thousands of people have come to Bowen as a last resort after having been told, "You must livewith your pain." Bowen has a very high success rate for cases such as these.

Q – I have cold hands and cold feet…can Bowen help?


In many cases, Yes! Restrictions in the neuro-pathways or in blood flow caused by tense or spasming muscles are often opened and released, thereby improving circulation of both.

Q - Are there any contraindications for the use of Bowen?


Contraindication: a condition or factor that increases the
risk involved in using a particular treatment, therapy, method or procedure.

Contraindications while using Bowen are few. They include:


1.    Performing the Coccyx  (tailbone) Release on a pregnant woman, as
there may be the possibility of triggering premature labor - all other procedures are safe to apply during pregnancy


2.  Performing the Breast Releaseon those individuals with breast implants; even though the breast tissue is slightly moved during this procedure to address the underlying tissue and the implant is not touched or contacted during this procedure, students and practitioners are taught that it is best to refrain from performing the Breast Release on individuals with implants


3.   Performing the TMJ Release on someone who has had surgery
for TMJ where bone was shaved or added to realign the bite or mating surfaces of the teeth

of discomfort from the of a "rusty" area from using a muscle or set
of muscles that currently lacks strength and stamina.


Q – Will I have to hurt more before I feel better after a
Bowen session?


Pain and discomfort is not a part of Bowen and it doesn’t cause pain to try to help relieve it.

Q – Are the effects of Bowen due to any kind of  Hypnotic           suggestion?

No. The results that Bowen achieves are based on physical and mechanical mechanisms that sBowen uses to signal the body to makes much needed changes to rebalance on its own. No other kind of suggestion or stimulus is needed.

Q - How long does a Bowen session take?


The length of a session varies and depends primarily on
what your body needs that day and what it can handle that day
. When the body has absorbed about as much as it can handle for the session, there is no use in going beyond that point.  Generally 45
minutes to a bit over 1 hour is needed.


In some cases, sessions as short as 10 minutes is used for a “quick fix” or as long as 90 minutes or more may be needed to properly address what is happening in your body.

The shorter the treatment time, the more specific and direct the Releases are to address a very particular issue to focus all of all the available resources of the body to a specific area or problem. A longer
session doesn’t necessarily give better therapeutic results.

Q - How do I know if I will receive a short or long session that   day?

In most cases a practitioner will inform you if a shorter session is needed that day.

Q - Why is the cost the same for either a short or a
long treatment?

For most practitioners the treatment is more commonly priced per treatment not for the length of time you are on the table being treated.

EXAMPLE - When you take your automobile in for repair they charge the full hourly shop rate with a minimum charge of one hour in nearly every case. Even though you may just need an alternator replaced, it may take the mechanic only 15 minutes to remove two bolts while
unloosening the belt, unclip one set of wires, remove the alternator, put in the new alternator, re-clip the wires, and tighten the two bolts and a
belt. The charge will still be the minimum one-hour shop rate and your vehicle is as good as new again.  The bottom line is what needed fixing was fixed and you are off again.    

Q – Is it best for me to inform the practitioner that I have to leave by a specific time because of an appointment or commitment?

If you need to leave by a specific time, PLEASE inform the practitioner before the beginning of your session. The practitioner may choose to allow your body to continue in a deep restful state for an extended length of time during the session to enhance the results.

Q – What if I have to get up and use the toilet during a session, will this mess up the treatment.

No, of course not. Do what your body is telling you to do. Listen to your body. If you need to eliminate, you need to eliminate.


Q – Is it ok if I talk during a session?

It is best if you refrain from talking during the session and help your body and mind to just let go of the world for a while.

Yes, it is best to turn off your cell phone and games please!

Q – I have a little one that is quite rambunctious and I would like to bring him/her in for a session or two to help calm him down, but I’m afraid that he/she will disturb the others in the clinic.

Bring him/her in! In most cases, once we perform a few Activations on them, they'll be down for the count and you’ll ask to learn how to do that!  Bowen is one of the greatest babysitters around...

Q – How soon can I get in for a Bowen session?

I can only speak for Bowen Healing System Center in this case. We pride ourselves in getting people in the same day. We have many tables
available to meet demands. My knowledge of most other practitioners is that a session needs to be booked almost a week or two in advance.



Q – Can a family member or friend receive a session at the same time I come in for session?

I can only speak for Bowen Healing System Center again in
this case
. In the clinics we have multiple tables and can accomodate many people at the same time.  Many other practitioners may only have only one or two treatment tables so it would be best to ask in advance.

Q – Can I just “walk in” for a session?

I can only speak for  Bowen Healing SystemCenters where we have more room available.  In most cases, definitely yes! It happens all the time. It is still best to call even 15 minutes ahead to tell them you are on your way.

Q – Do I have to take my clothes off to receive a session?

The answer is no. Removing a belt or loosening the trousers is all that is generally necessary. Some people like to take off all their jewelry, watches, wallets out of pockets etc. and that is acceptable. In cases where people are wearing very tight jeans or a very tight dress, it would be
best to remove the tight clothing without removing underclothes to receive the optimal session. In these rare occurrences, a top-draping sheet would be used to cover the person on the table and the Activation would then be performed through the sheet.

Q - How often does one have to return for another session? In other words, do I have to keep coming back over and over for treatment like in chiropractic?

Most people receive 3-5 sessions spaced 7 days apart. In more difficult cases more visits may be needed. After being re-balanced and restored back to good health, you will come back when your body tells you to. It may be once in three months, six months, one year, or in some cases, we have not treated people for over ten years, then one day they call for a session. I may not see them again for another ten years…to that I say “Great! We’ll take care of you when you need it.”


Q – How will I know when my body will tell me when to come back for a session?


Very often it is very simple to know when to return for a session. After a fall, accident, or injury is definitely a very good time to return. The sooner you return the quicker we can help you. In most cases though, it is when tension begins to return, or you start to feel fatigued, or you begin feeling not up to par, or you are feeling like you are getting sick, or your body and/or mind is out-of-balance.

Q – What if I just want to come in for regular maintenance once a month or just for a “tune-up” once every three months?

Great! If that is what your body needs, we definitely know it is much easier, for the both of us, to keep your body strong, healthy and well. Many in medicine (especially those in the ER), law enforcement, fire protection, and other high pressure professionals, blue collar workers and students have found that a Bowen session once every 30-45 days makes them feel great and on top of their game.

They come in for a variety of reasons. One has to do with releasing the high levels of pressure, stress or physical labor they experience on the job. The next, it gives them an edge on work and life. Another, it gives them time to let go and get away from the cares of the world, to rest
their bodies and minds during a session while listening to calming usic, in a relaxing and nurturing healing environment.

Understand, just like an automobile, your body needs
regular maintenance to keep it running at peak performance
. When you will have to come back for a "full body tune-up" so to speak may depend primarily on how much and how hard you drive yourself.

Q – Does Bowen work for preventative care?

Most certainly! It is, in our experience and opinion, by far the greatest healing modality in the world that can be used on anyone at anytime.

Q – Can Bowen do anything to help reduce my stress level?

Yes! Bowen reduces the effects of stress almost immediately. During sessions clients report sensations of calmness and the reversal of shallow breathing, rapid heart rate, and hypersensitivity common to stressed individuals. Using Bowen regularly, when your body needs it, lays the groundwork for a very healthy anti-stress regimen.

Q - I have panic attacks, what could Bowen do for that?

Miracles!  Bowen quite readily removes the issues that cause extreme anxiety and panic attacks. We have numerous cases where people have come in while having a panic attack and after their (single) session they are calm, serene and balanced again.

Q - Q - I suffer terribly from seasonal allergies, like hay fever, could Bowen help me?

We can very confidently say yes in answer to this question. Bowen has a very specific Release that works extremely well for this. Very commonly, people who have suffered many years with seasonal allergies find they do not suffer anymore after a course of treatment.

Q – Q - I suffer from allergies that are not seasonal. Can Bowen help?

In most cases we can say Bowen can help very well for people with allergies. Some investigation into the actual causes may expose the origin of the allergies quite nicely. When that is discovered, the cure may not be too far away.

Q – Q - My child is suffering from Autism. Is there anything that Bowen can do for them?

As far as Bowen is concerned, a few practitioners have reported positive changes in autistic individuals after Bowen sessions.  We have seen it happen. Again, each case is different in magnitude and severity. Give Bowen a shot to see what it could do.



Q – I suffer from a disorder called Bi-polar. Can Bowen help

Bowen has been very successful in addressing Bi-Polar for
most people who suffer with it

Q – My son nearly died from a severe asthma attack. Could Bowen have been of any use to him or others who suffer from asthma?

YES, definitely!  Bowen has a very specific Respiratory Release that directly addresses the respiratory system very quickly. In cases where people have arrived at the Bowen Healing System Center with a full-blown asthma attack I have seen it stop in as little as 15-20 seconds. 

We have had a case where a person collapsed out in front of the clinic because she could not breathe. We were immediately notified, ran outside with phone in hand, just in case it was needed
to call emergency personnel. A pracititioner performed one single Activation on her. Within one minute the blue color on her face disappeared and her breathing was restored. We did strongly suggest that she go to a doctor, which she did.  They said they found nothing. In her case this had NEVER happened before.
It came on instantly.

Later, she explained that she just happened to drive near the clinic on the way to the emergency room and she knew that she could not make it to the hospital.  As she was a client of ours, she stopped in…hoping we could help her.  In this case Bowen most certainly did. 

In life threatening cases it is always best for the person to go to the emergency room. When a person does suffer from occasionaly
asthma attacks, practitioners commonly show the person and their parent, spouse, sibling, or friend how to quickly perform one single Activation that will stop an asthma attack in as little as 15-20 seconds.

Q - My infant has colic, could Bowen help?



Yes! There are a couple of sets of Releases that can very quickly be performed that will make parents, guardians, siblings and friends VERY happy. Just a couple of Activations that work extremely well.

Q – I have a child that is very irritable because they are teething.   Can Bowen do anything for them?

We have seen Bowen work like magic in these cases with parents and grandparents both saying Bowen is a  Godsend.

Q - Is Bowen safe for my young grandchild who just
fell off her bicycle and hurt her neck and arm?

Bowen can be VERY effective in this case and nearly every other case of injury that just happened. If there are any cuts that need stitching, bleeding that won’t stop, possible fracture, or signs of concussion, take them to the medical clinic or emergency room first. After they have been taken care of there, stop by on the way home for a mini-treatment for them. It will significantly accelerate the healing process.

Q- I do homeopathy, will Bowen work with that?

Bowen is commonly referred to as “the homeopathy of body therapies” and because of their many similarities and how they
work with the body they are a great match and work very well together.

Q – I have been told that I will have to take medication and learn to live with the pain. Is there anything Bowen can do to
help me?

Bowen has phenomenal results in many cases where doctors have told them “You will have to take medication for the rest of your life” or “You will have to learn to live with the pain.”
Bowen is successful in well over 80% of these kinds of cases.

Q – I have breast implants. Is it ok for me to receive Bowen sessions?

Bowen sessions can be performed on someone who has breast implants; however, for the safety of the person with the implants, practitioners are instructed to not perform the Breast Release on this person.  Even though the Release is designed to only address the lymphatic tissues that are underneath the breast tissue without coming in contact with the implant itself, we feel it is best to refrain from any potential possibility of contacting the implant – however minute.


Q – My mother just had a surgery. Should she get a Bowen treatment and if so, how soon?

Definitely, yes. The sooner the better, to greatly assist in accelerated recovery and rehabilitation.

Q – I have a friend who is scheduled for surgery.
Should they come in for a session before the surgery?

Definitely, yes. Bowen will help prepare the body for the intensity of the surgery when surgery is needed. It can also assist in reducing complications through relaxing the body so it can focus on healing.

 Q – Will Bowen help me to recover after surgery?

When Bowen is administered after surgery, it goes to work to speed recovery by calming the body and focusing it on repair and healing.

Q – I have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. What can Bowen do for me?

Yes, Bowen can help! There is a big difference between Repetitive Stress that inflames the carpal tunnel region and the actual Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

There have been many cases where people have been scheduled for carpal tunnel surgery. After just a few sessions the person was free
from pain. They found that the surgery was not needed because the pain was coming from a different part of the body. In these cases where there is just inflammation caused by something else, the pain was just showing up with carpal tunnel related symptoms in the wrist area and it was not a case of true Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

In people who have the true Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a variety of conditions that are occurring in the body to actually cause the closing of the tunnel, thereby pinching off nerves and other tissues causing a very painful condition. In these cases the surgery is probably necessary.

Bowen has been very successful in helping people avoid surgery when it is not necessary. Surgery should be the last resort. Even Chinese and Eastern medicine states, "If surgery can be avoided using another approach, logic and common sense says why not use it."

Q – I heard one of my friends mention that they felt
some discomfort and soreness a day or so after a session. Could you please explain what is happening to them? Will that happen to me when I receive a session?

To this we say, “GREAT, it’s working.”
In cases where a person has had a pain or condition for quite some time the body has a tendency to torque around the pain.  In these cases the body has not properly used all the muscles it normally would because of the imbalance and instability that existed. During and for many days after a session the body will begin to realign itself.

Muscles that have not been used for sometime will be not as strong as they should be and they commonly lack stamina because they haven’t been properly used for a while. After a session these muscles will
immediately be required to work to return the body back to proper balance.

This may cause some mild soreness as the muscles begin to get a “workout” to get back into shape. The best and easiest solution for this is to increase water intake and go on a walk – for those who are able
to. Increasing water intake and going on a walk will accomplish two things. It will re-hydrate the muscles and increases circulation which quickly decrease the muscular tenderness. 

These occurrences are rare and the possibility of these happening to you is slim.

Q – After having a few Bowen sessions I feel great for the first time in years.  How long will it last?

In nearly every case the condition will not return – UNLESS it was and is caused by something you are doing or omitting. If someone is working for a data entry company typing 18,000 units per hour 8 hours a day, for example, the possibility that a neck, shoulder, forearm and/or wrist condition that was released by Bowen sessions may very likely return. The reason for this is that the body was not
designed for excessive and extreme constant repetitive motion.

If the muscles aren’t strong and need to be strengthened and you are not exercising, well you condition may very well return until you properly strengthen these muscles.

If it is a digestion related issued that Bowen helped in  resolving that is directly connected with proper diet and if you are not eating or digesting food properly…it may return.

Q – After my first session Bowen gave me great relief, but it was just for a few days. Why did my body go back to where it was?

Because your body received relief I say, “GREAT we are on the right track and Bowen will do you well in your case!” Your body is used to being in the pain/spasm cycle and the brain is used to keeping it there. Repatterning the brain and body through just a few more sessions should do the trick for you. Practitioners see this repatterning happen all the time.

Q – I was told that Bowen can be used along with other therapies or treatments. Is this true?

It is best that Bowen is used alone to give the body time to receive the direct and subtle messages that were given to it and give the body time to respond and make changes.   Any therapy that is more aggressive than Bowen has a tendency to negate the long-term structural and energetic affects Bowen has on the body.  Mixing any therapy with Bowen is not recommended. Listen to your body.

But, I had a car (or work related) accident/injury and my doctor and the insurance company wants me to do
physical therapy and chiropractic, and maybe some acupuncture. Bowen works so much better for me. What
should I do?

Have your doctor call the Bowen practitioner to discuss what is working best for you. Always follow the advice of your doctor and
have your Bowen practitioner assist you with proper scheduling of your other appointments so Bowen can have the greatest influence on your recovery.

Q – I was told that Bowen can cure anything in the body.
Is this true?

No, this is not true. Bowen doesn’t cure anything. The body does the curing.
Bowen sets just sets up the body in such away that the natural healing mechanisms deep within the body are (turned on once again) and turned on to the maximum capacity that the body can use it at the moment.

Bowen can lay the groundwork or uncover the foundation upon which true optimal health stands.

Q - What does it take to learn to effectively perform
Bowen sessions?

The answers is simple, “How long did it take Tiger
Woods to learn to play golf the way he does, or Michael Jordan to play basketball the way he did?
  How long did it take for a doctor, dentist, musician, artist, business person to learn what they do?” There is a difference between learning the mechanics of something and really knowing and applying the intricacies of a specialized field. Constant learning and refinement is done by anyone who is a professional.

Generally though, it may take as little as 7 months to complete the initial Basic Bowen course. There are no pre-requisites for attending the beginning training class known as Bowen 100. The study of anatomy, physiology, and other therapeutic skills formerly studied at universities, colleges, or other schools can greatly enhance a student’s study of Bowen and their ability as a practitioner.

Bowen may seem simple to learn, although it is difficult to perfect.

Q - Can I have someone  teach Bowen to a group of people in my local area?

Yes, contact us and we will help you set it up.

Q – Can I combine Bowen with my exercise regimen?

For the greatest benefit, it is best to give your body a rest for about a day after receiving a Bowen session to give it time to respond more fully to the session. For highlytrained athletes, Bowen can be performed, in a very specific way, with 30-60
minutes before a competitive event to elevate the athlete to peak performance and to greatly assist in injury prevention. 


Q – Can I use my magnets after a Bowen session?

It has been discovered that the benefits of Bowen are without question affected in a negative way if magnets are used after a session. Remember, Bowen works on both physical and energetic levels simultaneously for many days following a session. The magnets, as a outside source, artificially draw blood to an area, as blood has high iron content, and magnets naturally attract iron and therefore can attract more blood to an area than the body actually needs.
Magnets are also an outside energy source that artificially stimulates
an area thereby affecting its true energy pattern. It is best to trust the body and let it do what it knows best.

Do magnets work? Of course they can, temporarily. Using a crutch when a solution is available is not all that positive though, for those who are
looking for long-term solutions. What if you forget to wear the magnet, what then?

Q – What can I do to enhance and accelerate my healing processes?

Your active participation in your treatment always proves to be the best course.

Q – I just had a recent injury. Could Bowen help?

Yes! Bowen often offers its most dramatic and mind-boggling results in addressing recentinjuries. The faster Bowen is applied to an injury, the quicker and more powerful the recovery can be. Bowen applied moments after an injury has occurred helps the body get and stay out of shock and bypass many unnecessary pain and inflammation reactions allowing the body to go directly and focus on healing.

Q – What can I do to help the process between sessions?

You’re on to something here! Bowen can give you the best most lasting results when health-robbing habits are stopped and fresh health generating ones are taken on.

The following suggestions help very well, particularly during the course of treatment.  [Note: These suggestions do not replace any advice or instructions
given you from your medical professional

  • Walk. Spend as much time walking as you reasonably can. 15 - 30 minutes per day minimum. If you are unable to do this, take two or three short walks. We’re talking about a leisurely stroll here not a race. It should be easy and enjoyable. Take your water with you and drink it! Walking also has many great benefits. It involves no danger of strain or injury.


  • Make it a “be kind to yourself” - easy day on the day of your Bowen session. No heavy exercise or lifting on the day of session is definitely best. Because you finally feel better, this definitely is not the time to begin a new rigorous exercise, stretching, or Yoga program.   Stretching is very helpful, I must add. You may feel an unfamiliar burst of energy on the day of your session or for many days thereafter. It is crucial that you
    give your body the time and space that it needs to internalize the session you
    have received for deeper level repair, nervous system reintegration, and healing
    . Don’t blow it!
  • Drink lots of  water. Distilled water is best, purified water second. Distilled water will absorb the toxins kicked up by your body. Drink distilled water for a few days after your session to enhance the elimination effects of Bowen. Drink the purest water you can find. Every body function relies on proper hydration. How much is enough? According to some experts, drink one-half your body weight in ounces daily. (i.e. 150 lbs ÷ 2 = 75
    ounces) This may take a bit to get used to and start it all in one day if you haven’t been drinking water. Regulate your electrolytes if you are exercising.
  • Move around. On the day of treatment it is especially important to move around every thirty minutes or so. Use a timer if you must, to remind you. If you feel
    like sleeping – By all means, go ahead and sleep!
    Evidently your body is in need of the rest.
  • Avoid temperature extremes. No hot baths,showers, or Jacuzzi’s. No ice packs. No heating pads. Warm showers or baths do well.  You may alsouse Arnica Montana,
    Traumed®, Traumeel®, or otherhomeopathic formulas, natural, herbal, or essential oils.


  • If you are tender, sore, or have some discomfort, take a warm Epsom salt or apple cider vinegar bath to help sooth and relax you. Use as aspirin or ibuprofen only if you must.

Gentle walking activates the lymphatic “pumps” in the body helping it to rid itself of waste and toxins more efficiently. Increased respiration aids in this process too.

Ideally, Bowen will release stressors in the body and walking gets them to move out much faster and helps to improve body functions while stimulating your body at a much higher level.






Bowen Healing System™ is soon to be a common household word for natural health and healing.