Bowen Healing System


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Bowen Healing System 100 – 108 Series




Learn a comprehensive natural healthcare system that will enable you greatly assist others to accelerate healing and recovery from a large range of internal and musculo-skeletal conditions. Learn releases that address and re-balance every system and organ of the body and address specific conditions ailing the body on physical, mental, chemical and energetic levels.



Bowen Healing System 200 - 400 Series


Learn intermediate and advanced level Bowen for more advanced and skilled Practitioners. These classes, Activations and Releases for very specific conditions are taught nowhere else! 



Sports & Advanced Bowen Techniques I, II, III


PRE-REQUISITE: Bowen 100 course.


Greatly enhance your Bowen knowledge, sharpen your skills and increasr your ability to help others.  Effectively and safely apply quick-fix techniques for the pelvic, lumbar, thoracic regions and extremities, including the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, hip, knee, foot and ankle. Effectively and safely apply appropriate  injury prevention and rehabilitation acceleration techniques. Examine and identify the effects of sports, fatigue, and injury on the body. Increase energy, performance, and stamina while increasing strength.  Significantly reduce the possibility of injury.

Essential Oils, I, II, III




Learn basic properties of essential oils (Aromatherapy) and how to properly apply natural therapeutic oils using a wide variety of treatments and techniques that rapidly assist the body to overcome illness and dis-ease, heal the body/mind and awaken the spirit. Advanced level III class offers oil blending and combining techniques to address a number of conditions of the body and mind.


Quantum Dimension Healing Introduction Session


What would you like to disappear from your life OR bring INTO your life?  

Dissolve unwanted layers that no longer serve you ….. betrayal, anger, intimacy, fear, default programming, birth trauma, early abuse, original veiling soul / past life trauma, and 1st fear, etc.  Experience a Quantum Dimension Healing in this introduction to the Quantum work!


Quantum Dimension Healing Workshop I, II, III




Healing beyond space and time. Learn to facilitate powerful quantum dimension healing for others. Awaken on deeper levels. Receive tools for rapid, lasting transformation. Experience great self-healing. Both give AND receive multiple quantum dimension healing sessions.

Read the Body I, II, III




Experiential training — Learn exercises and techniques to better tap into and use your intuition, your ability to read the body and listen on much deeper levels in these innovative and fun classes.